Older people are sometimes reluctant to seek advice or help about preventing falls.  Most people may not even believe they are at risk of falls in their own home. In my experience rugs around the home can be the highest risk and the most difficult items to persuade an older person to move or part with!

However, there are some practical things that can be done to help avoid falls:

  • using non slip mats or rugs.  Better still remove mats/rugs altogether!
  • cleaning up spillages immediately
  • think about de-cluttering to make moving around the home easier.  This may include furniture that isn't used any longer. Call it 'downsizing'!
  • ensure there are no trailing wires
  • adequate lighting.  Insufficient lighting and poor eyesight increases the risk of falls
  • wearing well-fitting footwear that are in good condition, especially slippers.  Not walking around the house in socks or tights.
  • keeping feet in good condition.  Nail trimming. Seeing a foot health practitioner if required.